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Dago Caffè

The Dago Caffè company, located in the area of Introdacqua (AQ) is specialized in manufacturing and selling handcrafted coffee. Through coffee roasting, it is possible to create high quality blends, that make drinking coffee an unparalleled experience. By focusing on the taste of their costumers, it is possible to identify the right product for them, fully conscious that the traditional way of manufacturing makes it possible to preserve the original properties of the product. D’Agostino’s family is ready to show all about one of the best-loved drinks in the world.

Artisanal Manufactoring

Artisanal Manufactoring


Product Quality

Customer Care

Customer care

Artisanal Coffee Roasting Made in L’Aquila

Dago Caffè offers a range of fine blends resulting from artisanal coffee roasting, a procedure that guarantees all customers to enjoy the authentic taste of coffee. This drink is the right companion for all the coffee lovers and characterizes every single step of daily life: to start the day for breakfast, to have a break at work, to end lunch and dinner after meals, to enjoy some good company at your friend’s or relatives’ home, they all are perfect circumstances to sip a cup of good coffee.

Dago Caffè, Artisanal Coffee Roasting, and much more

In addition to the artisanal coffee roasting business, the company sells similar drinks such as barley coffee, ginseng coffee and related products which are required for their preparation (i.e. sugar, sugar bowls, small coffee cups, and various consumables). Dago Caffè offers to their customers a wide range of products, for a complete and gratifying purchase

Discover the quality of Dago Caffè’s blends.